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SMA Sunny Boy 3000HF-30

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SMA Sunny Boy 3000HF-30

A new dimension

There is no doubt about it – the new Sunny Boy with a high-frequency transformer is setting new standards in every sense of the phrase. No matter whether it comes to planning, connection, performance values, or design, the new Sunny Boy HF series is flexible, simple, efficient, and user-friendly.

Flexible planning
The Sunny Boy HF offers a nearly unlimited range of options for the planning phase. A wide input voltage range of 175-700 volts means that most configurations can be covered by just two strings. That not only reduces the number of module strings, but also saves installation time and effort - and, thus,costs.
Custom gradations
You can offer the new Sunny Boy HF in a spectrum of 2-3 kilowatts of nominal power: as the Sunny Boy 2000HF, Sunny Boy 2500HF, and Sunny Boy 3000HF. It ensures that your customers will always get the perfect device for their residential system.

Higher yield
At SMA, it goes without saying: you and your customers can expect top marks when it comes to efficiency, all based on our knowledge, experience, and nearly 30 years of being the technology leader. When designing the new Sunny Boy, that´s a standard we uphold. In addition to innovations such as OptiTrac and OptiCool, our galvanically isolating inverters offer the highest yields in their performance category.

Fast installation
The Sunny Boy has trimmed down and lightened up, making device handling even easier and safer for you - thanks also to recessed ergonomic grips.
Brains, not brawn
The integrated plug-in systems mean that you can leave your specialist tools in the garage when installing devices of the new Sunny Boy HF series. The process is fast, easy, and efficient.

Beautiful and simple: an elegant design, a large graphic display, and a Bluetooth® interface make the new Sunny Boy HF especially user-friendly. A wide range of advantages speak for themselves.
If your customers want to inform themselves about the operating data of their PV plant, the large graphic display speaks a language anyone can understand. It provides the current daily values and relevant plant information on a clear text display using definite symbols. Clear, user-friendly, and easy to understand.

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