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SMA Sunny Boy 240

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SMA Sunny Boy 240
Flexible. Extendable. Effortless.

PV system operators can make a smart investment today, toward the future of the energy transition. The Sunny Boy 240 and its modular system make this possible. Thanks to its simple design, ease of planning and installation and overall flexibility when it comes to energy demand, it provides nothing but benefits.

Modular design means easy expansion
When it comes to generating electricity with the micro inverter system, you can decide how small (or how large) your PV system will be (or become). Depending on the energy demand and your financial resources, the system can be expanded or varied step by step.

  • System size ranging from a single module (e.g., on a balcony) to a system offering several kilowatt-peak output
  • Any number of additional micro inverters can be connected thanks to the flexible design of the Sunny Multigate*
    *Depending on local regulations

Less is more
When developing the Sunny Boy 240, we focused on the essentials. This means that we combined components, thereby doing away with entire assemblies. As a result, the device contains approx. 50 percent fewer components than competitor products.

  • Exceptional reliability and robustness thanks to just 176 high-quality components
  • Central functions outsourced to the Sunny Multigate (e.g., power line communication filter or grid disconnection device)

Exceptionally easy
Regardless of where and how the device is installed, electrical and mechanical planning work is reduced to a minimum. And installation and connection are extremely easy thanks to the ready-made, easily identifiable plugs.

  • Pre-assembled AC cables
  • Choice of DC adapters

Everything at a glance
Access to the Sunny Portal, which comes standard, allows the system to be monitored at a modular level. This means that PV system operators benefit from around-the-clock access to detailed analysis, diagnostic and yield monitoring functions.

  • Display of module and inverter data in real time
  • Clear identification of shading/module problems
  • Automatic reporting

At home anywhere
A micro inverter system is also ideal for challenging applications with partial shading, a complex roof structure, small systems or different roof orientations.

  • In conjunction with an existing string inverter system or as a newly installed micro inverter system
  • Greater yield with shaded or differently oriented modules

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