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SMA RS485-Interface for SB and STP inverters

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SMA RS485-Interface DM-485CB-10

RS485 communication interface (DM-485CB-10) as a retrofit kit for the following SMA inverters SB-TL21; SB-TL20; and STP inverters:

• SB 2500TLST-21
• SB 3000TLST-21
• SB 3000TL-20
• SB 4000TL-20
• SB 5000TL-20
• SB 3000TL-21
• SB 3600TL-21
• SB 4000TL-21
• SB 5000TL-21

• STP 5000TL-20
• STP 6000TL-20
• STP 7000TL-20
• STP 8000TL-20
• STP 8000TL-10
• STP 9000TL-20
• STP 10000TL-20
• STP 10000TL-10
• STP 12000TL-10
• STP 12000TL-20
• STP 15000TL-10
• STP 17000TL-10
• STP 15000TLHE-10
• STP 20000TLHE-10


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